Tor Roxburgh

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Tor Roxburgh is an Australian-based author of 17 titles and is best known for her non-fiction books, her YA romance titles, and her speculative fiction novel The Light Heart of Stone.

Tor’s debut non-fiction publication was released in 1987 to wide public attention with interviews in New Idea, The Herald, The Sun, the Australian Women’s Weekly, and on radio and television.

Tor extended her creative working life to include teaching non-fiction writing at the University of Melbourne and in the community.

In 2000 she founded a public art enterprise with Velislav Georgiev, creating more than 20 public sculptures in parks and other public spaces in Victoria, Australia.

In 2012 Tor stepped into independent publishing, uniting her business and writing backgrounds to establish Curious Crow Books.

Curious Crow Books publishes Tor’s guided journals, including And That’s How It Went and her more recent journal And It Will Be Splendid.

Tor’s current writing interests include journaling and writing speculative fiction and children’s fiction.

As a reader, she is a lover of science-fiction, mystery, fantasy, and YA novels.

Cover of And It Will Be Splendid