Two and a half weeks ago I had a brainwave idea. One of those cracker thoughts that spins you around and keeps you working seven days a week.

It was all about journaling.

What if it wasn’t too late to write a journal for 2020????

I really wanted it to be possible even though it was October already and some of the detail from the last few months was already fading.

Future Family Member: ‘So what did you do in the pandemic? What was it like?’
Future Me: ‘Um… Yeah… Well, we wore masks.’
Future Family Member: ‘And?’
Future Me: ‘Um… it was stressful. I can’t remember all the details. Probably should have kept a journal.’

I can hear that conversation and I’m not impressed. Why didn’t I keep a journal in such an important year?

That’s when the brainwave idea hit. I could create a physical book to write in: a guided journal with prompts about real world events and writing prompts that relate to those events. Easy.

Fast forward two and a half weeks and it’s written, edited, proofed and sitting with the wonderful Holly Dunn, book designer extraordinaire.

I’ve created it. I’ve named it and I’m launching in seven days on November 20.
It’s called –

And That’s How It Went – a year’s end guide for journaling 2020